Screen Rooms

Keep the critters out

 If your ready to get rid of the insects and enjoy the outdoors we can help.  Screen rooms can be built in several colors with or without knee walls.  If you have a screen room and are tired of it being wet inside, dirty or covered in pollen a multiseason will keep the elements out.  Rooms are available in 2" and 3" wall thicknesses with studio or gable roofs. 


Tall Walls

Screen walls were install under an existing patio cover with a stepped foundation  Additional reinforcing  was added to reduce the amount of screen exposed to possible damage.


French Door

Insulated vinyl knee wall with French Screen Doors making it easier to get large item in and out.


Under Existing

Close in the existing porch area.  It helps cut down heat infiltration by providing extra shade.  The vinyl knee wall was installed to cut down on damage from weed eaters and lawn mowers.