Insulated patio covers


Beat the Heat

 An insulated aluminum cover provides a wonderful place to sit, relax and enjoy the outdoors.  They provide your home protection while adding to the beauty of your home.   Many customers have had a patio cover installed to provide relief from solar heat build up on their home increasing the comfort level inside while reducing cooling cost.  


Ceiling Fans

  Ceiling fans can be mounted to a concealed fan beam so there is no unsightly exposed wires to look at.  Covers have an aluminum skin on the top and the bottom and are available with a stucco or wood grain embossed finish.  Available colors are White, Adobe, Sandstone, and Desert Sand.  


Time To Relax

 Structural aluminum covers don't require the space that conventional roofs require making an ideal cover for a two story home.    Also, making an architectural enhancement.  Enjoy adding value to your home.